The Emperor of Paris

UK 15 Certificate
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October 7, 2019
1 Hour 57 Minutes
From Signature Entertainment
strong bloody violence, injury detail

Poldark meets Games of Thrones in this epic historical action thriller focused on the dramatic Parisienne underworld battles that occurred during the Napoleonic early 1800’s. Under the reign of Napoleon, François Vidocq cuts a notorious figure in the Paris underworld: he is the only man to have escaped the country’s most terrifying penal colonies. After being falsely accused of murder, Vidocq makes a deal with the head of the Police: in exchange for his freedom, Vidocq will help the police fight the criminal classes. Despite obtaining exceptional results, he provokes the hostility of both the police and the criminals, who put a price on his head...

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October 16, 2021

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The Emperor of Paris I UK Trailer I 2019 I Vincent Cassel

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