Rise of the Viking

UK 15 Certificate
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February 18, 2019
2 Hours 34 Minutes
English, Dutch
From Signature Entertainment
strong bloody violence, injury detail, nudity

700 AD - a time of epic battles and bloodshed. Northern Europe is divided into two different worlds: above the rivers are the Frisians, the Saxons and the Danes. Below the rivers, the Franks hold sway. The Franks want to do what even the Romans never managed: conquer all of Europe, and they are deploying a new weapon to subjugate the heathens: Christianity.

Uniting a Viking army, Frisian warrior Redbad returns to his home soil to defend his people and battle Lord of the Franks, Pepin of Herstal. Rise of the Vikings is a quality historic saga based on ancient legends.

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October 16, 2021

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RISE OF THE VIKING - 2019 - UK Trailer - Epic Viking Movie

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