Mafia Inc.

UK 18 Certificate
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October 19, 2020
2 Hours 24 Minutes
Crime, Drama
From Blue Finch Films
strong disturbing images, bloody injury detail, sex

In 1990s Montreal, the Sicilian Paternò crime family rule the Canadian underworld with an iron-fist having built great wealth on decades of violence and narco-trafficking. Seeking to consolidate their wealth with a huge investment building a bridge between Sicily and the Italian mainland, Don Frank Paternò enlists Vince Gamache, the son of his long-time tailor Henri, to help extort money from investors. Rising fast through the ranks of the criminal organisation, Vince soon invokes the ire of Don Paternò’s jealous son Giaco... resulting in a bloody war that tears both families asunder in a spray of blood and bullets.

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July 25, 2021

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