I Made This For You

UK 15 Certificate
In cinemas
April 19, 2018
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September 10, 2020
1 Hour 17 Minutes
strong language, suicide references

A searingly honest British feature film which tackles mental health, depression and suicide head on. A powerful narrative drama about a man, played by Gary Grant, who’s cut himself off from his friends and family and has recently attempted suicide. Now, he’s returned to the edge again. Standing at the ultimate crossroads he’s surprised to discover that despite his efforts to isolate himself, people haven’t yet given up on him. He unexpectedly receives a documentary made about his life by his worried friend, played by writer and director, Cristian Solimeno. The film-within-a-film mixes reality with fiction in a unique and ground breaking way and despite the seriousness of the subject, what results is something funny, beautiful and deeply cathartic that provokes action and conversation.

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September 20, 2020

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