How to be Anne-Marie

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November 12, 2020
57 Minutes
From YouTube Originals

Singer-songwriter, Anne-Marie shares an honest snapshot of her life as she emerges from lockdown and contemplates what 2020 should have been. We follow her as she catches up with friends and fellow music superstars, Little Mix, to discuss how they manage the pressures of their careers. She also ventures back into her past, visiting her school and old friends to face the secret turmoil she faced during her teens.

Anne-Marie lets fans see into her world, from her teenage bedroom where she penned her early songs to the close relationship she has with sister Sam and best friend Claire. As part of the process we see Anne-Marie plan something to show that 2020 hasn't beaten her ‒ getting fans involved to find a way for the show to go on.

This is a relatable story of resilience and creativity in the face of immovable obstacles. Anne-Marie grapples with questions about her chosen career while using music to spread a positive message.

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October 17, 2021

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