First Cow

UK TBC Certificate
In cinemas
May 28, 2021
2 Hours 2 Minutes
Drama, Western

Award-winning director Kelly Reichardt returns with the eagerly awaited First Cow, a gripping and glorious story of friendship and petty crime on the harsh frontier of the Pacific Northwest. In 1820s Oregon, two loners team up to seek their fortune through a scheme to steal milk from the wealthy landowner’s prized Jersey cow – the first, and only, in the territory – to create delicious fried cakes for sale at the market. This sumptuous tale of male friendship, pilfered dairy and the pursuit of the American dream is a true masterpiece from one of the great modern American filmmakers.

Last updated
April 27, 2021

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FIRST COW - Official Trailer - In UK Cinemas May 28 & On MUBI July 9

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