Drunk Bus

UK 15 Certificate
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May 24, 2021
1 Hour 41 Minutes
Drama, Comedy
From Blue Finch Films
strong language, sex, sex references, drug misuse

Michael is a recent graduate whose post-college plan is derailed when his girlfriend leaves him for a job in New York City. Stuck in Ohio without a new plan of his own, Michael finds himself caught in the endless loop of driving the ‘Drunk Bus’ - the debaucherous late-night campus shuttle that ferries drunk college students from parties to the dorms and back.

When the bus service hires a security guard to watch over the night shift, Michael comes face-to-tattooed-face with Pineapple, a 300-lb punk-rock Samoan who challenges him with a kick in the ass to break the loop and start living or risk driving in circles forever.

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July 25, 2021

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