Eight weeks after my heart attack

A heart attack is Gods way of telling me to slow downEight weeks ago I had a heart attack.  Nothing that strange in that statement apart from I wasn’t that old.  It has changed my life quite a lot in that short amount of time.

I’m working from home as I’m sure the commute would play hell with me, or more specifically, my bladder as I’m on diuretics – the last time I went into the office I just about made it without any accidents 🙂   This does mean that I’m saving over £70 a week not commuting but it does mean that I don’t get the automatic feedback that some things need.

This new commute is great.  From waking up at 6am and then having to spend 90 minutes commuting to the office to, what I do now, is wake up at five to nine and then walking all of 10 feet to my desk and start working.

On the down side, I’m not getting out as much as I did as all I do is move from one room to another and I’m away.

This has meant that I have been using my laptop a lot more than I should be. This has meant that it gets quite hot and is always on the edge of shutting itself down.  So after a hunt around the internet & well know stores, I decided on a, non-typical, three monitor set-up.  Mainly due to the space I have available, how best to use the space and the fact that I’ll have two different sized monitors.

More monitors than most

As I type this, everything is en-route to me apart from the most important piece, the stand as shown in the above image are winging their way towards me by the speed of the Amazon Fairies.  That does mean that I have to hold out on competing the build of the system until then.  it won’t stop me getting it all plugged in and starting to be updated as that’ll take most of the day to complete before I can then start on the monitor wall as well as the other bits of software that I use every day (and ones that I use once in a while!)

Whilst writing this post, I have just had an email saying that the stand is on its way as well.  This should mean that all of the bits I need to complete the set-up will arrive, sometime, tomorrow.