What is the best online storage solution?

Yesterday I decided that I needed some more free online storage as the solution I am using is getting close to full. So with this in mind, I had a look around for a second solution to use.

I am already using Dropbox as this is a nice easy way to synchronise data across multiple devices and it gives me web access to my files if I don’t have a machine with the software installed on.

Sitting down to decide was easy. I looked at my android phone and kicked up the file manager program and saw what solutions they had on offer as standard.

To show no bias between services, I will do them in alphabetical order. After that, the first on offer will be…
Dropbox online storage

Probably the best known of the three on offer, Dropbox first came online in September 2008. This is the service that the other two will have to match to be with a chance of succeeding.

Free storage: 2GB

This can be upgraded by doing some simple tasks such as sending a tweet about the service to recommending other people.  All of this can earn you up to 16GB of free storage space.


  • Easy to use and install.
  • Easy to link other devices to the system.
  • Largest supported Operating systems of the three.
  • Ability to upgrade your free space, for free.
  • Good web interface if needed.
  • Unlimited storage space via Dropbox for Business.


  • Small storage size provided free
  • Can be a little slow on updating files.
  • Single, paid, user storage.

More information at dropbox.com.

Google drive

The new kid on the block in regards to online storage. Coming online in April of 2012

Free storage: 15GB

This may sound like a lot but it is shared between the drive, gMail and Google+ photos.



  • Google
  • You licence Google to use anything that is stored on the drive for their use.
  • Files don’t automatically get deleted but stored online in “trash”.  This also is taken into account with the space available.
  • Smallest coverage for dedicated Operating systems.
  • Must delete deleted files via the web.

More information at drive.google.com.

Microsoft SkyDrive online storeage
The granddaddy of online services listed here.  Started way back in August 2007 and has stayed under the radar since.

Free storage: 7GB


  • Erm… Good sized free storage.


  • Microsoft
  • inability to use it on a Windows 8 machines without being forced to use a Microsoft account.
  • Worries about privacy
  • May have files deleted by Microsoft or account suspension!

This was the only one on test that I couldn’t install on my windows 8 machine.  This was mainly down to the reason that Microsoft wanted to force me to use a Microsoft Account

More information at skydrive.live.com.

The best Online Storage is…

Dropbox by a mile.

Not only does it not have the privacy concerns of SkyDrive or the ability for Google to use any of your work for themselves.  The main reason is its simplicity of use and no frills outlook.  When you delete a file it stays deleted and not put in the “trash” for the time that you might need to recover this.  For the amount of times I’ve needed to do that, I can just look in my local trash can where it will be and restore it from there!

For you out there who want to see stars and things then here you go…



Google Drive: