Documentaries that really make you think

Bowling For Columbine

Although it was released 15 years ago, the subject matter of Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine is as relevant as ever. In it, the iconic filmmaker explores the roots of America’s relationship with firearms and violence.

Super Size Me

Probably not one to watch with a bucket of crisps… Documentarian Morgan Spurlock examines the influence of the fast food industry, sacrificing his own health by committing to a diet of McDonald’s food for one month to explore to the real cost.

The Act of Killing

This BAFTA-winning documentary follows former Indonesian death-squad leaders as they reenact their mass-killings in various cinematic genres, such as gangster, western, and musical. After seeing an early preview Werner Herzog signed on as executive producer.

Going Clear: Scientology & the Prison of Belief

Based on Lawrence Wright’s book of the same name, this documentary gets a surprisingly detailed look at the closed world of Scientology via archive footage, testimonials from former high ranking officials and public, and reconstructions.

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