Rosetta this is Philae calling

Not that long ago a small robot on an asteroid sent this tweet:

It was a message that we all wanted to, and hoped that we would, hear.  After a bad landing and having critical power issues she has awakened.  This was the first time we had heard from here since she went into hibernation in November 2014.  It was only a short call home, 85 seconds but it was a great 85 seconds.  Knowing that her circuits hadn’t succumbed to the cold of space.

The European Space Agency [ESA] sent this image out with the great news.  The character is Philae from a set of cartoons that the ESA produced as part of the mission to help children, you could say of all ages, the ability to understand what was happening in the mission.
Philae is waking up
The last cartoon they did is below. It describes how Rosetta was woken up and sent little Philae on her way to do her work on 67P.

There are also more of Rosetta and Philae cartoons over here on youTube.  They are very sweet, but also very informative to all.