Another birthday to ponder

birthdayToday its my 44th Birthday.  That’s doesn’t sound that important but due to the NHS I’ve had the joy of celebrating my last two birthdays with friends and family.

If you wonder why I am starting this birthday post to myself by mentioning the National Health service, the answer is quite simple.  They saved my life in 2013!

The last 365, and a bit, days have been quite a busy one.  Two weddings.  One for an old friends and the other for much newer ones.  Not only that, I managed to get to my first event as a member of the 4th estate.

That event was one of the most fun events I’ve had the privilege to see.  The Manchester Comic Con.

Now back to the depressing aspect of this birthday.  I’m getting closer and closer to having a birthday cake that is also a health hazard that needs a fire extinguisher on standby if I can’t blow them all out in time!

Birthday cake on fire

What will happen in the next 365ish days for me?  Who knows.  Let us take serendipity by the hand and find out where she will lead me.  Will it be a holiday, more journalistic jollies or what?  I don’t know, that’s going to be the fun of finding out.