2015 – The year of the Hoverboard!

It’s now 2015. That means that this year we will see some great fashions as well as a product from Matel that we have been waiting thirty years to own. A hover board!
2015 Hoverboard and self tying shoesFashions maybe a bit strange but on the plus side we will be getting self tying shoes as well as automatically fitting jackets that will also dry you if you fall into a pool.

This is all, according to Back to the Future 2, that we are looking for. Other bits are a bit more dubious. That being the films that should be showing in the cinema this year.

Jaws 19 - coming soonThe only one that we know of to be released is Jaws 19 directed by Steven Spielberg’s son Max. I haven’t heard how far along production this film is but I’m looking forward to it if the poster is anything to go by 🙂 The critics, on the other hand, call it Jaws without bite!

Back to what fashions we have to look forward to in the nest 12 months.

2015 - FashionsI’ve seen worse things being worn in the name of fashions.  Yes, that was in the 1980s and early 1990s!  I wouldn’t be surprised if some fashion house takes this fashion and puts it in a collection sometime this year.

For the fashions, the only things I would love to own would be the self-tying shoes and the auto-fitting jacket.  I’m always getting them too short in the sleeves or too small around the waist.  I just hope they come in better colours with more pockets.