Terrorism, the real start

A definition of TerrorismI have touched on the origins of words before but that was a question and not to correct things that have been going around the web,

This is the origins of the word terrorism. The definition that seems to be going around is the one on the right of this post. It seems to be liked by some Americans who think that their government is trying to control them in a way that they don’t like. A “New World Order” as some have called it. It probably involves “The Jews” and the Illuminati no doubt.

There is a problem with the definition that these people use. The rest of the definition in the Oxford English Dictionary. The full definition of terrorism is:

1. Government by intimidation as directed and carried out by the party in power in France during the Revolution of 1789–94; the system of the ‘Terror’ (1793–4).

It’s cherry-picking to try and make their point. Omissions to muddy the waters of arguments against their aims. The first citation for that definition is in regards to the French Revolution as well. Nothing to do with the American Government but the French one of the late 18th century!

There is a second definition of the term that is only a year younger than the above:


a. gen. The unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims; (originally) such practices used by a government or ruling group (freq. through paramilitary or informal armed groups) in order to maintain its control over a population; (now usually) such practices used by a clandestine or expatriate organization as a means of furthering its aims.

b. In extended or weakened use: the instilling of fear or terror; intimidation, coercion, bullying.

Please just don’t use a part of a sentence to show what you mean. It seems similar to the American who love their second amendment but miss out the bit that starts “A well regulated Militia…“. It does seem that the bit about being regulated scares them into silence. That’ll be one for another day…