The Woman in Black new trailer & poster

Two new things have hit for the upcoming The Woman in Black: Angel of Death. That being a new teaser trailer and a new poster.

It doesn’t give that much more away than the last teaser trailer we saw. On the other hand, it is still a good few months away from hitting the Silver Screen.

I can only say that I have high hopes for this film. It’s a horror done by the masters of the genre, Hammer. With the power of Entertainment One, it should get a wide release. It does, like its predecessor, still have the feel of the films that Hammer were making in its heyday of the 1960s and 1970s.

The poster, like the trailer is new. It still ties in the horror that lives in the house and what awakens it.
Woman in Black - Angel of death teaser 2

Synopsis: England, 1941 With London in the midst of the blitz, two teachers evacuate a group of schoolchildren to the abandoned Eel Marsh House. Seeking safety from the bombs in the remote coastal location, the group instead find themselves facing an evil far more frightening when their arrival awakens the Woman in Black.

Escaping the blitz and entering UK cinemas January 1, 2015
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