Will Trainwreck be a Trainwreck of a movie?

Judd Apatow’s new film, Trainwreck, may live up to its name. Not in a good way, unfortunately. It’s just seems to be a repeat of what he’s made before.

Watching the trailer just reminds me of all of what he’s done before but using women in the lead roles. That seems to be the only difference.

It does leave you, after watching the trailer, wanting it to be good. I think it maybe but I will have to wait until we get some more information about the film. That and it’s July US release to see how that market copes with the film.

The other thing that we have been sent is an image. It’s not a great one but it does leave you wanting more.
Trainwreck first look image

Since she was a little girl, it’s been drilled into Amy’s head by her rascal of a dad that monogamy isn’t realistic. Now a magazine writer, Amy lives by that credo – enjoying what she feels is an uninhibited life free from stifling, boring romantic commitment – but in actuality, she’s kind of in a rut. When she finds herself starting to fall for the subject of the new article she’s writing, a charming and successful sports doctor named Aaron Conners, Amy starts to wonder if other grown-ups, including this guy who really seems to like her, might be on to something.

Crashing into UK cinemas August 28, 2015
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