What’s New in March 2021 on FILMPIXS?

FILMPIXS is delighted to highlight the new titles being added to the platform throughout March 2021 including feature documentaries, shorts and animations.

Feature documentaries

THE FOG OF PEACE – La Niebla de la Paz (Colombia, 2020, 87 min.) by Joel Stangle is set in the mountains of Colombia which have been a silent witness through 50 years of war between the Colombian government and the revolutionary army FARC.

FAITH AND FURY – Fé e Fúria (Brazil, 2019, 103 min.) by Marcos Pimentel depicts the religious conflicts that exist in the slums and suburbs of Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, in Brazil. The unbridled growth of evangelical churches and their relationships with drug gangs has caused an imbalance of religious forces in their communities, resulting in numerous cases of religious intolerance that impact not only worship practices, but also territorial boundaries and the behaviour of inhabitants. FAITH AND FURY takes a close look at the conduct of “evangelical drug dealers”, revealing how religion and power go hand in hand in the peripheries of large Brazilian cities.

BIRDS HAVE NO VERTIGO – Los pájaros no tienen vertigo (Spain, 2018, 66 min.) by Jorge Peña follows a film director who, following an attack of vertigo, begins an investigation into his personal universe to try to understand his new phobia.