Top Cat is back

A good couple of years go we saw Top Cat hit the cinema in his first CGI outing. This time we have a prequel to that film. Starring the same cast, in part. Hopefully this time Top Cat will do a lot better. Especially with the critics and myself.

We’ve been sent over three things. First is the trailer. It makes the CGI look like something that Pixar could have done around the time of Toy Story. It’s not what you can call state-of-the-art here. On the other hand, it;s not aimed at people like me but 8 year olds whose parents and grand parents grew up with the original.

Not only do we have the trailer but a poster and some images from the film.

Top Cat poster

Tracing the roots of the famous animated series from cartoon legends Hanna-Barbera, get set for this ‘purrfect’ feature adventure that tells the ‘tail’ of how our hero, T.C. created his infamous, Manhattan alley cats gang. Poor, lonely and living on the streets, Top Cat is one sad cat, until a chance meeting with Benny, a naive and good-hearted cat looking for adventure. The pair quickly become best buddies – and partners in crime – pick pocketing their way out of poverty and quickly believing they are the real cats’ whiskers! Setting their sights higher, they decide to steal from Mr. Big, a mysterious diamond-stealing henchman who rules New York’s backstreets. As Top Cat and Benny hatch a plan to take the diamonds for themselves, little do they know, success is just the start of their problems. Along the way, our heroes meet fellow alley cats Choo Choo, Fancy-Fancy and Brain, and together they’re a formidable bunch. However, when Mr. Big catches up with them and captures Top Cat, can his new friends save the day?

Sneaking into UK cinemas May 27, 2016
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