The activity pack for Pan has arrived

It’s not that long before Pan hits the Silver Screen in the UK. WIth that, we have been sent over a nice little activity pack for the film. It has it all, a maze, wordsearch, crossword and how to draw the Jolly Roger.

We have had to censor one of the images on this page.  The answers to the activity pack are there.  Just click on that, or any of the other images, to view and download it.

Pan_ActivityBook_INTL-3 Pan_ActivityBook_INTL-4 Pan_ActivityBook_INTL-5 Pan_ActivityBook_INTL-6 Pan_ActivityBook_INTL-7 Pan_ActivityBook_INTL-2

Want to download the activity pack, either as a PDF or various sized JPEG files?  You can, just head over to the 2nd page of this page to find out.