Strange things happening to the McClanes

The first poster for the next installment of the McClane series has just hit the web. Apart from the cut and paste poster that could have appeared in an earlier post!

A Good Day to Die Hard

Apart from the cut-and-shut poster something else caught my eye.  You can see it in the bottom left hand corner of the poster.

Something strange in the Good Day to Die Hard

I’m not sure what it could be but I can give you some suggestions…

  1. It’s not the Russian Mafia as the baddies but Aliens disguised as mobsters
  2. Satan is actually the baddie?
  3. It’s not actually the latest Die Hard but a viral for the upcoming Ghost Rider 3
  4. The Ark of the Covenant is discovered in the basement of the Kremlin and is used to kill everyone who are trying to kill John McClane?
  5. There is a cameo appearance of the Elephant man?