Spock vs Spock

Star Trek. Where Spock livesEarlier this year I discovered this wonderful advert with William Shatner, AKA Captain Kirk fighting one of his all time enemies, the Gorn. They now seem to be the best of friends until they start playing games together then their own petty rivalries start to creep in as they play in co-op mode.

If you don’t get the references to the fight then just look at this and you will understand that 40 years ago they were a lot younger and fitter than they are today. No rest for the wicked back then!

Today, Spock – both of them – have done an advert. This time it’s advertising the Audi A7. A great game to play is trying to spot all the little Star Trek gags and quotes that Leonard Nimoy comes up with on the drive to the golf club.

The song that Leonard sings part way through is his 1967 classic.