Robinson Crusoe – Find the gang

Robinson Crusoe - Find the gang
On the 6th May, the animated adventure Robinson Crusoe sails into cinemas. Set on a tiny, isolated island in the South Pacific, the film features an array of exotic animals. To help get you in the mood for the quirky adventure, we’ve found the best places in the UK to meet the gang first-hand!


macawTo meet a vibrant macaw like the character Tuesday, you’ll need to visit Birdworld in Surrey. They have a number of bird exhibits, and one of their largest aviaries is ‘Parrots in Flight’. The huge space allows the birds to fly freely and stretch their wings. Whilst there you can see a selection of parrot species, including macaws, cockatoos and parakeets. These colourful birds are known for putting on a comical display!


kingfisherHead to Pensthorpe Nature Reserve to spot colourful kingfishers in the Norfolk countryside. Did you know there are 87 different species of kingfisher in the world, but only one, Alcedo atthis, breeds in Europe? Pensthorpe Nature Reserve also offers animals adoption and conservation projects!


TapirsIf you want to meet a sassy tapir like Rosie, then head to Chester Zoo. They’re currently in the midst of a £30m development aiming to recreate the islands of Southeast Asia (a tapir’s natural habitat). These creatures have a very unique appearance and are distantly related to horses and rhinoceroses. They can be viewed in the zoo’s cattle house.


PorcupineDudley Zoo is the place to be if you want to visit some cheeky porcupines! Did you know they can live for up to 20 years? There also have no real threats due to their large population, and the sharp quills that cover their bodies can warn off predators.


PangolinTo see the only mammal in the world that has scales, visit ZSL London Zoo to say hello to the Pangolins! Their scales are made of keratin (the same protein found in our fingernails), meaning they have a strong defence and can roll into a ball to ward off threats. Sadly the species is under serious threat, so ZSL is working hard on their conservation.


GoatsTo meet loveable goats like Scrubby, you can visit the Hackney City Farm, where Charlock and Clover live! Whilst there you can also see a range of other farmyard animals, as well as taking parts in conservation projects and pottery classes.


ChameleonTo visit these amazing reptiles, head to Bristol Zoo and watch them change colour before your eyes! Like the character Carmello, these creatures have amazing eyesight and can move their eyes independently of each other. That and their speedy reflexes making them great fly catchers.

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