Plastic breaks the bank

Plastic posterPlastic is a film that is “Based on a true story“. A phase that always fills me with dread when reading a film’s synopsis. Another one that makes me feel that I’m actually coming out in a rash is “re-imagined” but that’s another story! This is one that fills the former dread but I’m sure that they have re-imagined the story to make it more spectacular.

The film is based on the “incredible true story of a jewellery heist”. What I can find over the internet is the heist happened in Beverly Hills but not much more – the problems of naming a film after something generic. How much of the gangster angle is up for debate as well as how much of the true story has been ignored as it doesn’t look that good on film, drags down the plot and or action is anyone’s guess from just watching the trailer.

The trailer does seem to show a lot of the action sequences. These tend to involve large men without knecs shooting guns randomly towards the main characters. You can’t call them heroes as they are just as bad as the gangsters who are after them for the money they stole from them in the first place!

So we have the “good criminals” being chased by the “bad criminals” to get them to pay the money, two hundred thousand dollars, plus interest to them. This means that they will have to find two million dollars to return otherwise they end up with a bullet in the head and dumped in a shallow grave in the woods!

By looking at the trailer it does seem to run the standard way these sort of films work. The first act is about the scam. The second is the mistake. The third is how they con the gangsters, make a shed load of money and then live happily ever after whilst the gangsters spend a long time behind bars. Who knows I maybe proved wrong. I hope so as there are soo many of this sort of film out there that run the standard pattern.

High octane thriller PLASTIC tells the story of intelligent and brazen Sam (Ed Speleers), who leads a ring of university students to become credit card thieves in order to augment their income. As their activities become more daring, they accidentally rob a notorious gangster named Marcel (Thomas Kretschmann) and are forced to up their game to pay him back 10 times the amount they stole… with interest. To pay off the debt, they take their scam on the road to Miami; the city of “high stakes”.

After a series of unfortunate mistakes, Sam’s team is still short of the cash needed to clear their debt, so they set their sights on a daring jewellery heist that could not only cover their debt but also make them filthy rich. Their plan turns sour, however, when members of the team start betraying each other. Now it’s up to Sam to finish the scam he started while turning the tables on Marcel before they all go down.

Sneaking into UK cinemas May 2, 2014