Paranormal Activity’s new trailer

Paranormal Activity - The Ghost Dimension - Sleep
A new TV sport for the upcoming, final part of the Paranormal Activity franchise. This time we see what we have been missing over the years. In this new TV spot we see more of what we have never seen before in the franchise. Will it make the end of the series worthwhile or will it end as a dead duck?

I haven’t seen any of the previous films but it does seem to follow the format. Strange things happen in the house and it’s down to something paranormal that no one sees. Until now that is!

There is an official synopsis available but it’s not as good as the one below. With that, I’m going to keep running the below instead.

After reviewing some old VHS tapes found in the attic, the family realizes that their spooky situation is no accident. Enter creepy little girls talking backwards, evil demon Toby, scary mirror tricks, etc. Thanks to cameras with a special lens, it looks like the titular supernatural action that was always cleverly obscured will finally be seen by the audience

Bumping into UK cinemas October 21, 2015
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