Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension has a poster

Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension poster
It’s been a while since the trailer for the latest Paranormal Activity hit.  This has now all changed with the release of the above poster.

What does it tell you that the trailer doesn’t?  Nothing actually as we have seen what happens.  It should tie up all the lose ends that the previous five films have set us up for.  It is also the last one in the franchise.  A good number as if a horror franchise carries on it just gets worse and worse.  Sometimes it ends up in space and then you defiantly know this has happened to the franchise!

No, official, synopsis exists at the moment but I did discover a plot summary over on

After reviewing some old VHS tapes found in the attic, the family realizes that their spooky situation is no accident. Enter creepy little girls talking backwards, evil demon Toby, scary mirror tricks, etc. Thanks to cameras with a special lens, it looks like the titular supernatural action that was always cleverly obscured will finally be seen by the audience

Bumping into UK cinemas October 30, 2015