Maleficent new trailer

The more of Maleficent that comes out, the more that I want to see what happened to make Maleficent the witch that she became when we saw her in Sleeping Beauty.

This time we get to see some more of the film from a new, 90 second, trailer. Not only do we see some more of the film with this, we also get to hear Lana Del Rey’s “Once Upon a Dream”. The song that will accompany the end credits of the film.

The news gets better. Not only do you get to hear the song in the below trailer, you can also download it for free! – even if it’s for a limited time. It’s well worth a download, for the price 😀 . You will have to be quick as this is only going to be for a limited time.  Ending on February 3, 2014.

Not only do we get that wonderful new trailer but also some new images for you to drool over.

Aurora and a new friend
Maleficent hiding

Edit:  I’ve now been sent over two more images that I can share with you

Maleficent Maleficent

You can download any of the above images as wallpaper by simply following this link.

“Maleficent” explores the untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain from the classic “Sleeping Beauty” and the elements of her betrayal that ultimately turn her pure heart to stone. Driven by revenge and a fierce desire to protect the moors over which she presides, Maleficent cruelly places an irrevocable curse upon the human king’s newborn infant Aurora. As the child grows, Aurora is caught in the middle of the seething conflict between the forest kingdom she has grown to love and the human kingdom that holds her legacy. Maleficent realizes that Aurora may hold the key to peace in the land and is forced to take drastic actions that will change both worlds forever.

Hitting UK cinemas from May 30, 2014