LEGO Killers

This blog’s sister site did a review for the film, You’re Next.  Over here we find out that the makers of LEGO have had a makeover of some of their mini-figures.

On this site we have a set of LEGO mini-figures done up to look like 5 classic movie killers and the killer for You’re Next.

There are some that you would like to see in LEGO. Pinhead would be one. Possibly the most unsafe LEGO figure there would be. Leatherface and his chainsaw would be another unmissable one. Jason Voorhees, with his hockey mask and, if we are running a “top ten” the diminutive killer doll, Chuckie.

Now with that out of the way, just see what the people over at have done

Michael Myers

LEGO Michael Myers

  • First Appearance: Halloween (1978)
  • Portrayed By: Nick Castle (1978), Dick Warlock (1981), George P Wilbur (1988, 1995), Don Shanks (1989), Chris Durand (1998), Brad Loree (2002), Tyler Mane (2007-2009)
  • Number of appearances: 9 Films
  • Weapon of choice: Kitchen Knife
  • Death count: 107

Freddy Krueger

LEGO Freddie Krueger

  • First Appearance: Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)
  • Portrayed By: Robert Englund (1984-2003), Jackie Earle Haley (2010)
  • Number of appearances: 9 Films, 1 TV Series
  • Weapon of choice: Bladed Glove
  • Death count: 39


LEGO Ghostface

  • First Appearance: Scream (1996)
  • Portrayed By: Roger L. Jackson (Voice)
  • Number of appearances: 4 Films
  • Weapon of choice: Hunting Knife
  • Death count: 36

Norman Bates

LEGO Norman Bates

  • First Appearance: Psycho (1960)
  • Portrayed By: Anthony Perkins (1960- 90), Vince Vaughn (1998), Freddie Highmore (2013 Tv)
  • Number of appearances: 5 Films, 1 TV Series
  • Weapon of choice: Butcher’S Knife
  • Death count: 17

Fox Mask

LEGO Fox Mask

  • First Appearance: You’re Next (2013)
  • Portrayed By: Lane Hughes
  • Number of appearances: 1 Film
  • Weapon of choice: Crossbow
  • Death count: 2

Jack Torrance

LEGO Jack Torrance

  • First Appearance: The Shining (1980)
  • Portrayed By: Jack Nicholson, Steven Weber (1997 Tv)
  • Number of appearances: 1 Film, 1 TV Miniseries
  • Weapon of choice: Axe
  • Death count: 1