Legend Of The Yokai Artwork Released

We have been sent over a set of artwork for the upcoming TMNT movie. The artwork is based on the Legend of the Yokai. Below is a selection from the 30 artists that designed the artwork.

The below synopsis sets out the story that the artists took to design their artwork. Most of them followed the brief. That except Sam Gilbey from the UK who designed a great looking 80s inspired poster for the film.

Before the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles emerged from their lair to protect New York City from the sinister Shredder and his Foot Clan soldiers, there were four heroic “Kappa” (ancient turtle warriors who vowed to protect a humble village from the demonic Yokai).

Legend Of The Yokai - Sam Gilbey

All of the others have taken the theme of hero Kappas. Ranging from, what I would describe as a Japanese Monster Movie poster to a wonderfully simple one that includes pizza!

Legend Of The Yokai - Coke Navarro
Legend Of The Yokai - Diego L Rodriguez
Legend Of The Yokai - Jim Evans
Legend Of The Yokai - Nicolas Delort
Legend Of The Yokai - Oscar Gutierrez
Legend Of The Yokai - Sofles

Just scroll down to see all of the artwork. If then you want to see more then just follow the link at the bottom.

Coming out of the sewers and into UK cinemas October 17, 2014