The Government is lying to you!

A few days ago I was sent this image from a trusted source. It shows the state of what The Government doesn’t want you to discover. The fact that they are growing what can only be described as pod people.

Pod people experiments in the openThe US Government tried this in the 1950s but tried to pass it off as a science fiction film. The seekers of the truth don’t believe that cover story as every request that have been made have been replied with “We have no record of that”. Definite proof that they have something so shocking to hide they have to keep lying to us about it!

Proof of the Government 50s pod people experimentsWe can also show you proof that these pod people experiments happened back in the 50s and they have continued to today. They have images showing how much love is given to this new sort of life. It can only be assumed that the origins have come from an extra-terrestrial source.

We can only assume that these aliens came to meet us before the great Roswell Incident. A way that the US Government used to take the eye of America off the real prize that came before that fake.

I can prove this is happening now by the two images you see above. Two that show what was happening and what is happening today. The images were censored before they were sent over to one of my, covert, email addresses. The ones that I use to gather this sort of information that the secret organisations would try and make me disappear if they ever discover where they are.

I will leave you with the incontestable proof that this is going on. Two images that have been leaked over the years but haven’t been available for the true believers to poor over. This is something that has to be brought out to the mainstream even if the press won’t touch it. We all know why that’s the case… It’s the only way to keep the New World Order and keeping on brainwashing the sheep who don’t want to know what the truth is!