Good Kill gets a poster

When the trailer for Good Kill was released, I was quite shocked at what the film was about. Something that we don’t think about these days. A war fought 1,000s of miles away but there are people who are fighting it from home.

We also saw a set of images from the film at that time. Now, we have been sent over the poster for the film.
Good Kill poster
I’m not sure what to make of it. It’s not as shocking as the trailer is. It would have been nice to see the juxtaposition of the war that the pilot is fighting.

What I got from the trailer is how war, even fought by remote control from 1,000s of miles away still has an affect on the people who are fighting this endless war. Are you helping or hindering the final mission? Are your strikes just making more terrorist or helping to bring peace to the area?

The film tells the story of a Las Vegas fighter-pilot turned drone-pilot, who fights the Taliban via remote control for half of his day, then goes home to his wife and kids in the suburbs for the other half.

But the pilot is starting to question the mission. Is he creating more terrorists than he’s killing? Is he fighting a war without end?

One soldier’s tale with epic implications.

Flying into UK cinemas April 10, 2015
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