First image of Ben Affleck as Batman

The first image of Ben Affleck as Batman has been released. The suit looks great. The one thing I was worried about is that the suit had George Clooney nipples on it. It doesn’t.

The ears on the other hand look a little odd, but not that strange, we can get used to them.

Not only do we get a shot of the new batman costume, we also see the new batcar – or whatever you want to call it – It’s gone away from the Tumbler of Christian Bale era. It looks a lot closer to the Michael Keaton era. That’s a good thing as the Tumbler wasn’t that stylish as a batman vehicle. That may cause some arguments but I just don’t care!
Ben Affleck as Batman
Now with the above image, I’m feeling a lot more relaxed about the film. I was quite critical & cynical about it when the news was announced but the image has mellowed me. I’m just now worried about the script as they seem to have the other two parts of what makes a great film in place.

Yes, you did read that correctly. A great film. That’s what a couple of months and a great first image do to you. It’s not going to be a John Carter. That’s a good thing as that was a stupidly expensive flop and a half.

The film has had its release date bumped from July 2015 to May 2016. This, some people will think, is a bad thing but it got the bump early in the production cycle. If it was announced in, say, April 2015 that it was going to be delayed for a year then alarm bells would start to ring. Something had gone horribly wrong with the film.

This time it just means that the studio is letting the film’s director the time he needs to get “his vision of batman” perfected.

The suit is getting a lot of discussion on social media. It seems to be mostly positive. A good thing in my mind. Fingers crossed that the first footage to be released is as good.