Eye in the Sky has a trailer

Eye in the Sky
A new British film is coming soon, Eye in the Sky.  This is about the War On Terror.  However, Hollywood has already made this film.  However, this is from the British military side and not from the pilot.  Not only that it has an amazing British cast with Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman.  It’s a film out decisions.  When to make them and what ones to make.  Will it save lives?  Will it cost lives that need to be saved?

Not only do we have the above trailer but a nice set of images…

London-based military intelligence officer Colonel Katherine Powell is remotely commanding a top secret drone operation to capture a group of dangerous terrorists from their safe-house in Nairobi, Kenya. The mission suddenly escalates from a “capture” to a “kill” operation as Powell realizes that the terrorists are about to embark on a deadly suicide mission. From his base in Nevada, American drone pilot Steve Watts is poised to destroy the safe-house when a nine year old girl enters the kill zone just outside the walls of the house. With unforeseen collateral damage now entering the equation, the impossible decision of when to strike gets passed up the “kill chain” of politicians and lawyers as the seconds tick down.

Shooting into UK cinemas April 8, 2016
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