The Equalizer is back

Late last week I got this in my in-box. The first poster for the upcoming film adaptation of the 80s classic series, The Equalizer.

The Equalizer poster
My first thought was “Why”. The 80s series with Edward Woodward. This time it’s Denzel Washington taking over the starring role in the film adaptation.

The poster gives nothing away. No hint at a plot, When the film is set, back in the 80s when the TV series aired or today to make it easier on the film’s budget. I would vote for the latter.

The synopsis changes our hero’s back story from a retired covert operations officer from an unnamed government agency to a commando who faked his own death. I’m sure that was a mainstay of some genres in the 80s.

Starring Denzel Washington, it tells the story of a former black ops commando who faked his death and is now living a quiet life and returns to action to rescue a prostitute from evil pimps; his actions cause the Russian mob to send rogue CIA agents to kill him; he battles back against overwhelming odds, defeating them and becoming “The Equalizer.”

Blasting into UK cinemas October 14, 2014.