Bunker 6 & Day Of The Dead Double Feature

Day of the DeadDare you Brave The Bunker Of The Dead???

Earlier today I got sent this great item from the wonderful people over at Arrow Video letting you know that they have conspired with SCI-FI-LONDON and organised a great double feature for all you horror fans out there.

Tomorrow, Friday April 25, they are showing two great films. One a classic and one will be getting its UK premiere.

The classic is George A. Romero’s 1985 classic set in post zombie outbreak in a fortified bunker. I’m sure that I don’t need to say any more than that about this classic of the genre.

The other is a Canadian film called Bunker 6. By the title I can hazard a guess where it’ll be set. According to a synopsis I read, it’s set 10 years after a nuclear attack on America. The survivors are still in their protective bunker waiting for the “green light” so they can, once again, go outside. With murders and a crumbling infrastructure.

What will our heroine and the rest of the survivors do?
Will there be salvation the other side of the blast door?

You will have to come down to see what the outcome is.

So, the two films are both set in an underground bunker after a catastrophe. One a nuclear one and the other involves zombies.

Now comes the scary part. The location of the screening. It’s being shown in the World War II bunker in Dalston, North East London. Just keep your eyes on the screen as who knows what maybe lurking in the darks corners of the bunker!

WHERE: Abbot St, London E8 3DP (nearest tube Dalston Kingsland, Overground)
WHEN: Friday April 25, at 6:30PM

Where the screening is

Expect a great night of the old and the new working together to try and scare you.

More info about the event, head over to Facebook to be scared or just book tickets for the event