Ab Fab or Ab Flop?

Ab Fab, the cast
Yesterday saw the confirmation from Jennifer Saunders that there will be an Ab Fab movie.

She was talking at the Hay Festival, reports the South Wales Evening Post.

I was a fan of the original 1992 – 1996 series. When they brought it back in 2012 as “20th anniversary specials”, I was hoping that it would bring back what fun it was. It didn’t. The plots weren’t as sharp or funny as they were. The cast we, I know, a lot older but they still tried to play off the characters form 20 years previously. A little bit of character progression would have been nice!

Jennifer, who was speaking about her book Bonkers: My Life in Laughs, at the festival, said: “I am writing the film as we speak – it’s in the pipeline.”  She also mentioned that she was hoping that the film would hit cinema screens “by the end of next year [2015]“.

Who knows if this will happen,  I’m sure we will see Jennifer as well as Joanna Lumley & Julia Sawalha in the film. Who knows, we may even see the return of June Whitfield as Jennifer’s character’s mother.

If the film is made, don’t expect anything more about it for another six, or so, months.  It all depends on the distributor.  It may be even a year before the publicity on the film starts…