The Last of the Mohicans

UK 12 Certificate
In cinemas
November 6, 1992
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October 18, 1993
1 Hour 52 Minutes
From Warner Bros.
Contains bloody violence and intense battle scenes

Set in the 1750s during the French and Indian War, the story concerns Hawkeye, the European-born adopted son of Mohican scout Chingachgook. Hawkeye and his party, which also includes the Mohican Uncas, joins up with a group of Britons who have recently arrived in the Colonies. The group consists of Cora Munro and her younger sister, Alice, who are rescued from a Huron war party by Hawkeye. Hawkeye's band accompanies them to the British Fort William Henry, which is being besieged by a French and Huron force. The fort falls to the French, and Colonel Munro surrenders to French General Montcalm. The terms of the surrender are that the British merely abandon the fort and return to their homes. However, the French's bloodthirsty ally, the Huron warrior Magua, has made no such agreement, and, as the British retreat from the fort, he plans to massacre them in a terrible Huron attack.

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