The Killer

UK 15 Certificate
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April 17, 2023
1 Hour 35 Minutes
From Cine Asia
strong bloody violence, language, sexual threat, drug misuse

Ui-gang is a legendary hitman who has decided to retire from the business and pursue legitimate work. When his wife takes a trip, she issues a request, for Ui-gang to look after her travel companion’s 17-year old daughter, Yoon-ji. Ui-gang reluctantly agrees, but when the girl with a wild streak falls afoul of gangsters, Yoon-ji finds herself kidnapped and in a situation more dangerous than she ever imagined. However, while the girl is in over her head, her captors will also find themselves with more than they can handle when Ui-gang begins tearing the city apart to get her back.

Last updated
April 30, 2023

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