The Incident

UK 12 Certificate
In cinemas
July 4, 2014
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August 12, 2019
1 Hour 35 Minutes
From Eureka Entertainment
moderate threat, violence, discriminatory language, sex references

After mugging an old man for a few dollars, thugs Artie and Joe hop a subway deep in the Bronx, and proceed to threaten and intimidate the Sunday night commuters all the way to Times Square. The terrified riders are a mixed group – an elderly Jewish couple, a family trying to protect their 5-year-old daughter, an alcoholic, two teens on a date, two military Privates, a bigoted African-American man and his wife, etc. – but they are united by their fear and sense of helplessness as switchblade-wielding Joe and Artie block the subway doors from opening at stops, and prevent the riders from leaving. Will any of them have the courage to confront the two maniacs?

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June 12, 2019

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