The Holly and The Ivy

UK U Certificate
In cinemas
December 22, 1952
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December 2, 2019
1 Hour 23 Minutes
Contains infrequent mild sex references

It’s Christmas Eve in the town of Wydenham and the family of Reverend Martin Gregory come together to celebrate the holiday. The Reverend is a widower with three children: Margaret: a high-flying career woman in London, Jenny: a devoted stay-at-home daughter sacrificing her chance at happiness to care for her father, and Mick: a shallow young man doing his national service in the Army. Added to the mix are the two elderly aunts overseeing events as the eponymous Holly and Ivy, representing the conflict in attitudes at the heart of the family. Before morning, secrets have been spilled and truths must be faced as modern values seemingly clash with old traditions. As Christmas morning begins however, the family attempt to reconcile their differences and discover that perhaps they can find happiness in harmony with each other’s wishes after all.

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September 1, 2020

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