The Fall of Ako Castle

UK 15 Certificate
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December 4, 2023
2 Hours 39 Minutes
From Eureka Entertainment
strong bloody violence, suicide

When an injustice costs his master his life and estate, loyal retainer Ōishi vows revenge. Because the target of his vengeance is protected by the ruling shōgunate, any retaliation would be seen as an act of treason. Ōishi assembles the remaining ranks of the now-masterless samurai and the 47 of them pledge a blood oath to avenge their slain lord. Tensions rise among the ranks of the ronin eager to launch the mission, as Ōishi bides his time awaiting the right time to strike. Enemy spies and assassins track Ōishi, who has seemingly fallen into vice; has he lost his sense of honour, or is it just a part of his plan?

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March 13, 2024

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