Stepping Stone

UK TBC Certificate
In cinemas
May 15, 2023
tbc mins
From YOOF Media

When a young counsellor opens his office door to 4 new clients, bedlam occurs as he attempts to be their 'Stepping Stone’ in the right direction to receiving the treatment they need. Each character stems from different walks of life and sits apart on the mental health spectrum.

For our campaign’s titular character, Dom Counsellor has a professional approach to attempt to get him to open up about his mental illness, something Dom rejects having been affected by the negative stigmas surrounding men's mental illness with ideas of inferiority or weakness.

On the opposite side of the spectrum sits Troy. While Troy may not suffer with mental illness, Troy suffers from a lack of people to talk to about his daily struggles. He confides in Counsellor, viewing him as the friend he wishes he had.

Young teen, Jade suffers from an anxiety disorder. Having been forced into therapy on the terms of her school placement, she remains hesitant to engage, but brick by brick, Counsellor breaks down her wall to get to the epicentre of her anxiety and find the best solution for it.

For the nirvana-loving grunge-kid, Kayden, his problem is situational. Having been lost in translation in the foster care system, Kayden has long given up hope of a happy family home. That is until he meets Counsellor.

Each character’s individual journey to seek help starts with the first all-important, pivotal step - speaking to someone. The film plans to address and provide support for people going through mentally challenging times. Furthermore, it wants to normalise conversations regarding mental well-being within male friendship groups as a prevention method for mental illness.

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April 27, 2023

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