Newly Single

UK TBC Certificate
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December 7, 2018
1 Hour 36 Minutes
From Divide/Conquer

On the heels of directing a life-changing motion picture, Astor Williams Stevenson drives away his girlfriend and aggressively re-enters the LA dating scene. The film director finds himself alone; looking for love through the darkness of downtown Los Angeles.

Following Astor on a series of dates, Newly Single explores the inner workings of his heart as well as the modern, urban world of dating, independent filmmaking, and the desire to be anyone but one's true self.

Astor finds himself struggling to compartmentalize the many facets of his life, until his barely restrained acerbic nature, fueled by insecurity and sadness, boils over into his personal and professional lives, leaving both a pile of ash.

A noir-comedy love affair with downtown Los Angeles, Newly Single cuts through the coldness of modern dating, changing male identity, and the mad, sad desire to be loved.

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December 16, 2018

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