Message from Space

UK TBC Certificate
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July 22, 2024
1 Hour 45 Minutes
From Eureka Entertainment

Somewhere in a far-flung galaxy lies the planet of Jillucia. Once a peaceful utopia, it has now fallen under the control of the Gavanas Empire, a warlike race ruled by the ruthless Emperor Rockseia. Desperate for help, the leader of the Jillucian people launches eight Liabe seeds into space – glowing orbs that, according to legend, will each summon a powerful warrior to the planet’s aid. The seeds are followed into the void by Princess Emeralida and loyal Jillucian soldier Urocco, who attempt to find the prophesied protectors of their home world: ex-military commander General Garuda and his robot companion Beba-2, thrill-seekers Shiro and Aaron, gambler Jack, aristocrat Meia and swordsman Hans, who has a deeply personal score to settle with the Gavanas Empire.

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April 30, 2024

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