UK 15 Certificate
In cinemas
August 26, 2023
1 Hour 37 Minutes
Action, Horror
From Framework Productions
strong language, violence, gore, threat, horror, domestic abuse, homophobia

HERD follows Jamie Miller and her wife, Alex trying to save their failing marriage by going on an isolated trip in rural Missouri. After an accident, the women find themselves trapped back in Jamie’s small hometown and where her father lives, which has become overrun by virus infected 'Heps'.

Big John Gruber and his clan help Jamie and Alex by shuttling them to a local vet, who sets Alex’s leg. A horde of heps descends on the vet’s office, forcing the group to flee to a warehouse the locals are using as a survival base.

At the warehouse, a rival militia, led by Sterling, arrives at the warehouse claiming they want to trade supllies. When the trade goes south, a battle breaks out between the two militia groups causing Jamie to try and flee. Will they find a way to escape and find their way back home?

Last updated
September 24, 2023

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