Eye of the Storm

UK 12 Certificate
In cinemas
March 5, 2021
1 Hour 18 Minutes
From Montrose Pictures
infrequent strong language

"Widely recognized as one of Britain’s finest landscape artists, James Morrison’s work hangs in the homes of JK Rowling and the Royal family, as well as in museums and private collections around the world. But in the twilight of his life, James loses his eyesight and with that, his ability to see the landscape as others couldn’t. As Morrison reflects on his remarkable artistic journey, from the Glasgow shipyards, to France and the vanishing arctic wilderness, he also confronts his sight loss by attempting one final masterpiece.

Eye of the Storm is a powerful and poignant exploration of the connection between freedom, transcendence and art, through the stormy eyes of a master.

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March 6, 2021

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