Come Back to the Five & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

UK 18 Certificate
In cinemas
October 8, 2014
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July 22, 2019
1 Hour 47 Minutes
Comedy, Drama
From Eureka Entertainment

Altman’s film jump-started the serious acting career of Cher, nominated for a Golden Globe for her role as Sissy, one of the “Disciples of James Dean,” an all-women fan club devoted to the late actor, meeting for a reunion at a crumbling Woolworth’s in a small Texas town in 1975. Joined by group leader Mona and the glamorous, initially mysterious Joanne, the women recall their love for Dean, and the club that began twenty years earlier when the actor was in a nearby town filming Giant, and the fatal car accident that followed. Soon, as more memories of 1955 are recalled, secrets are revealed and old friendships are put to the test.

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May 31, 2019

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