Caught In The Net

UK 18 Certificate
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February 7, 2022
1 Hour 40 Minutes
From Republic Film Distribution
child sex abuse, strong sexual images, nudity

Three actresses, three children’s rooms, 10 days and 2,458 sexual predators. Three over-18 actresses are tasked with pretending they are 12 years old on fake social network profiles. In faithful copies of children’s rooms created in a film studio, they chat and Skype with men of all ages who have searched for and contacted them online, all the while secretly monitored by the production team, psychologists, and legal advisors.

The documentary follows the gripping drama from casting to face to face meetings with predators (watched by security and six hidden cameras). Predatory tactics are gradually turned against perpetrators and the hunters become the hunted.

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February 11, 2023

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