Birthday Girl

UK 15 Certificate
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June 17, 2024
1 Hour 35 Minutes
From Signature Entertainment
sexual violence references, strong language

This nail-biting intense drama proves how far a mother will go for justice. 42-year-old Nanna has invited her daughter Cille along on a cruise to celebrate her 18th birthday, with the hope of restoring their relationship after a tiring divorce. But what was meant to be their dream-trip to the Carribean soon turns into a living nightmare, when the daughter is raped on their first night onboard the ship. However, international waters are outside any police jurisdiction and neither the shipping company nor the crew are interested in ruining the party onboard. Therefore, it is solely up to Nanna to find the perpetrator before he leaves the ship 48 hours later.

Last updated
May 25, 2024

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