A Clever Woman

UK 15 Certificate
In cinemas
April 21, 2023
1 Hour 28 Minutes
From Tull Stories
strong language

Beguiling and free-spirited, A Clever Woman is an uplifting and emotionally intense film exploring sisterly bonds and the process of mourning. Sisters and performance artists Phoebe and Dot have returned to their family home on the Isle of Wight a year after the death of their composer mother.

As they prepare the house for its sale, clearing decades of family clutter, they have started to work on a site-specific performance piece about their complex relationship with their mother and her serial infidelities; this incorporates her compositions for pianola, mostly songs using the poems of Mary Coleridge the Victorian feminist, one of which A Clever Woman gives the film its title.

Over one day, they - plus house-sitting musician Tom and the sisters’ producer/curator Monica are forced to engage with the ghosts of the past and the void left behind.

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April 12, 2023

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