The Swordsman of All Swordsmen

UK 12 Certificate
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March 18, 2024
1 Hour 26 Minutes
From Eureka Entertainment
moderate violence, bloody images, brief sexual threat

Having witnessed the brutal slaying of his entire family as a small child, Tsai Ying-jie spends several years wandering in search of those responsible. After years in training, he intends to use his expert swordsmanship to exact vengeance on Yun Chun-chung and his four accomplices, who murdered his father in order to obtain a legendary weapon known as the Spirit Chasing Sword. But after dispatching several rival swordsmen who incur his wrath, Tsai comes to contemplate the futile nature of revenge after Yun Chun-chung’s daughter, Flying Swallow, saves his life.

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May 25, 2024

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